Cloud Governance

Keep your resources consistent, improve environment security and maintain compliance with a proven, complete framework.

What is the plan?

We will help you regain control of your cloud in 4 easy steps

Detailed Discovery without the price tag.

We will work with you to define the scope of the process, and during an initial workshop we will discuss your needs and areas to address.

A thorough report with set of recommendations

Our team will prepare a thorough report on what we’ve agreed during the workshop, and prepare a set of recommendations for individual services and mechanisms you use.

Azure Devops - Creating a step by step process

The entire implementation plan will be translated to a complete backlog in Azure DevOps, so you have a step-by-step process ready to go.

Present the entire plan

In the final phase, we will host additional workshops with your team to fully present the entire plan and make sure that your team is perfectly clear on what to do.
You can then decide whether you’d like to implement it on your own, with another partner, or if you’d like to continue the process with us.

Keep your cloud under control

Tools and services getting out of hand?We’ll help you get them in order.

Bills too high?

See how to estimate costs, assign budgets and monitor expenses.

Deployments too hectic?

Get a clear template for introducing new services.

Compliance too complex?

Easily introduce and enforce rules in your environment.
We are partnered with over 400 leading technology solution providers.

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