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If I have existing services on Azure or AWS , can I still benefit from working with CSP partners?
Yes, if you have existing services, you can transfer them to a CSP of your choice if you wish, regardless of your current payment plan.
What should I look for in a CSP?
Find out what else they’re able to offer in addition to cloud licenses – like support, security recommendations, cost optimization recommendations, etc. Additionally, check their competencies. The more different technology areas they cover, the more likely they will be able to help you in the future if you need it.
If I buy services from a partner like BitSummit, am I tied to them?
No, it is still your money and your service. You are free to transfer to any other CSP of your choice. There are even ways to transfer to other purchasing programs, and we can help you get it done if you change your mind.
When will the billing period commence?
If I have existing cloud services purchased in other schemes, can I still use the CSP?
Why choose BitSummit as my CSP partner?
You will get access to a range of benefits, including free license migration, free cost optimization, monthly recommendations for cost reduction, and much more. And we can have you up and running within hours.
Why not go with a larger provider, like one of the Big 5 in consulting?
Large suppliers are able to give volume discounts, but they won’t provide the same level of personalized service or support you get with a smaller partner. However, if price is your primary concern, the larger CSPs might be better for you.
We are partnered with over 400 leading technology solution providers.

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