Knowledge Mining

Save time in your daily work. Get the information you’re looking for in seconds.

Find the files you need, instantly

Identify and see relevant patterns and relationships in any type of content at your organization. A centralized intelligent search engine keeps all your information in one place.

Tired Of Browsing Data Manually?

Take advantage of the Azure AI-based set of tools to automatically store, index and retrieve files in every form.

Wasting Hours On Looking For Files?

Gain an intelligent solution, using document scanning to dig through mounds of files effortlessly.

Having Trouble Finding The Right Content?

Get more accurate search results than previously possible, finding specified and relevant elements among your data.

What is the plan?

We’ll develop a customized intelligent search service in a short, 4-step process

Requirements Gathering

Tell us your requirements and together we set up the criteria of success.

Building the search engine

We’ll help you configure essential Azure services and Web API, implement the search engine, and take care of front-end design.

Test Cases

With your team, we will specify essential test cases and carry out the acceptance process.

Start adopting the new search engine

Now you can use Knowledge Mining to achieve more in less time!
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