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Secure your IT environment with Microsoft services and on-call cybersecurity analysts.

Your digital security, handled

Our security analysts will defend your environment against threats so you won’t have to. We will monitor your resources 24×7 with proactive threat detection and immediate alert response.
24x7x365 Protection
Automated Response
Wide Coverage
Peace Of Mind

Fortify your defenses

Get the necessary support across all areas


The latest cloud solutions at your disposal:
Azure Sentinel
Azure DevOps
Azure Lighthouse
Machine learning models


A fully transparent process for securing your business:
Managed Security Operations
NIST Framework
Fully certified experts


4 teams to provide the level of protection you need:
Cyber defense
Penetration testing
Transforming security processes
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What is a Managed Security Operations Center (SOC)?
Having a Managed SOC means outsourcing your cybersecurity. Certified experts analyze your environment on an ongoing basis to identify any suspicious activity and react immediately. Our service uses SIEM capabilities for analyzing signals, and SOAR approach for determining the appropriate response. In addition, we use Azure Sentinel to power the service with AI and get access to all the latest updates and solutions.
Why might I need a Managed SOC?
Regardless of your current cybersecurity approach, you may be able to improve your security posture. If you have no security solutions present, signing up for our service will give you complete protection. If you have a standard SIEM solution, you can take advantage of cloud-powered security for even greater coverage and automated response to 70% of incidents.
Am I limited to using it with Azure only?
Our service can integrate with any cloud, including AWS and Google, because Azure Sentinel has many out-of-box connectors and a possibility to develop custom ones.
What if I use AWS or Google Cloud? Can you still help me?
You don’t need to use Microsoft products to take advantage of this service, it works completely independently of any cloud.
Do I need a security expert / team to get started?
Not at all. We provide the experts, along with the necessary tools and knowledge, so you can focus on your business.
How do I know my data and access to it is secure with your SOC Team?
Our service is fully transparent. You will have access to all the tools we use in your environment, as well as all the metrics we collect, so you can check our precautions for yourself. In addition, we use only the highest-grade Microsoft cloud products which are continually developed to uphold the highest safety standards and follow multiple safety regulations.
If pricing is based on cloud usage, how do I predict the costs?
Our services are available in a fixed-fee model, for complete cost transparency. You will also pay for Sentinel usage based on the amount of ingested data. You can view all the pricing details here. You can also take advantage of capacity reservations, for an additional discount of up to 60%.
Do I need to host this service with BitSummit or can I use my Azure subscription?
You can use your own subscription if you prefer. However, using us as your CSP may qualify you for greater savings.
If I start with BitSummit, can I move my data to another environment / vendor?
Yes. You can always change your mind, and if you wish to move elsewhere, we will do what we can to help.
Can I terminate your SOC Managed Service?
Yes. You can leave anytime without penalty. Or you can choose a long-term agreement and save. You decide what works for your business.
If I terminate this service, will you keep my data?
No. Once you leave, we remove all of your data. You will receive an affidavit confiriming data purge.
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